From sweater to yarn

The process and life cycle of woollen knitwear, from the consumer back to the consumer

I have been in the textile recycling business for thirty years. due to lockdown and having plenty time on my hands i have embarked on a new project. Here is my story 

The Wool Mountain

Once the packaging has been removed we are exposed to a wall of multicoloured woollen knits. Most of the clothing is washed up and unable to be re worn. Ordinarily this would have travelled half way around the world to India and Pakistan but by keeping the recycling process here in the UK this completely eliminates the carbon footprint caused by shipping transport. 

The Shredding

The knitwear is then shredded or pulled back into a semi-fibrous condition ready for blending. Where it is blended with 20% new wool which gives the fibre more length. 

The Final Product

The whole process is carried out within a 15 mile radius of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, thus again reducing the carbon footprint of the whole process.

The yarn can then be knitted or woven, making beautiful products from recycled fibres to begin a new life all over again.

We will produce knitting wool, hand knit craft yarn, machine knit for weaving and carded blend for felting.